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vermont has some shit malls, too

Ah! Home sweet place-that-isnt-really-home-but-when-you-sorta-wander-aimlessly-every-place-is-home! Vermont was okay. nice leaves and junk. Pyro was a major ass the whole trip, but i guess that's probably something expected. he had the brilliant idea of coming back here even though I would've stayed in that weird little state as long as i wanted to. obviously he wasn't as serious about running away as i THOUGHT he was when i left. But whatever. Food's better here anyways.

pyro was on a goddamned tirade the entire drive back here about some resurrecting chick. Doesn't mean anything to me, since i guess i didn't meet her all pre-mortem. apparently it has to do with my dad and canada and a beaver dam or shit, but i kinda stopped listening and turned up the radio. But whatever. if your power is to come back from the dead, then yay for you and bully for the rest of us, huh, Ms. Gray?

Do i have a roommate? there's all this shit laying around here and a really funny looking pair of pants under my bed. I think i'm rooming with a clown or something. whatever, i'm gonna get something to eat- all this second coming and angst shit on these geek things is fucking annoying.
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