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geekiest place that ever geeked.

good morning geeks! Actually, it's not really morning but most of you are geeks! i just woke up and now my neck if stiff for sleeping in that crappy little slowass car, you know? anyway, Pyro started taking off because of some dumb teenaged angst reasons and school is shit boring so I took off after him. I think we're going to some really stupid kind of state but he's being a jerk about driving so it's not like i've got a choice unless i wanna get out and run. Would be faster though! haha! anyway, I'm sure you're all VERY upset as now who will you starte are point at? I don't know when we'll be back, not in a hurry cause learnig is for pussies. the professor hasn't said anything has he? like, calling in forces that uh don't need to get invovled like maybe uhm the police?

ughh now he's whining about going to the mall, i haven't even eaten yet. we're at the dorkiest place in the world and he's here to play on the computer rather than eat. whatever, apperantly he's too cheap to buy me some food so i'll have to starve and sadjidlskj let go of teh keyboard pyro i;m still writing!! ADOIK DAMNIT SFJDS FINE BYE I GUESS
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