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this shit is for geeks anyway

I'm not going to give you all an intro because frankly i don't have the time and you all know the rumors anyway, dontcha? whatever, if you want me to fucking clarify them then i guess i might as well. So yeah. i'm Magneto's kid- he's got more than one you know, so i'm not a freak. well, not anymore than the rest of you haha. Anyway, now you have my permission to stare when i walk down the halls. though you do it anyway-if you can even catch me! So whatever, i'm just here for a deal with the Big Wheels. apperantly i have to learn how to "harness my reckless use of my abilities" or some shit. Right. So, if any of you can catch me you can 'harness' whatever the fuck you like, okay? but i don't know how long I can take just sitting around in these stupid classes with stupid people when everything is stupid and SO SLOW AND BORING. yeah you. you're slow and boring. Deal with it cause i don't have the time.

I'm really done with the hunk of slow shit thing. can't Big Wheels get something fast if we have to keep these? whatever, no time to care. gone!
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