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i've never had to sit still for so fucking loong

all right, straight off that movie was a load of crap. I'd never seen the first one as I'm not a movie person, if you catch my idea. they're all too long and there's always these super annoying long bits where all they do is talk- or the whole movie is talking! Anyway, so The Matrix Remade or whatever is just a super long talking movie with a killer car chase and then a hell long load of talking too. i think i would've rather been dead then have to sit through that stupid thing. but, hey. Wanda seemed to like it, Pyro too, but I think they might've just liked the main guy.

Signing up for classes is kinda coo, because I'm sorta picking everything at random and going with it. a bit of fate a bit of i'm too bothered to actually make the intelligent decision.. Shit, I didn't want to take music. whatever. i don't show up much anyway.

Hey, Wanda, when was the last movie we saw in the theater together? Cause I think that was the last one I saw before this Matrix bullshit?
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