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Pietro: Feeling better now that his brain isn't such a muddled mess, goes back to his usual routine of racing around school grounds. Taking a break for a bit, he walks briskly towards the patio and spots the girl seated there.
Vanessa: Sitting at the patio with her feet propped up on the table is Vanessa. She spots a slightly blurred object racing around the grounds, but sees it slow down slightly as it comes toward her.
Vanessa: She waits for whoever it is to approach her
Pietro: He steps up onto the patio and sends a pretty girl a brief grin. "Hey." Pietro hesitates before realizing he has no idea who she is. "Uhm. Have we met?"
Vanessa: She looks up from her book, and smiles back, "Hi, and no, I don't think we have." Taking down her feet, she rests them on the ground and states, "I'm Vanessa."
Pietro: He nods a little. "I'm Pietro." He pauses a minute before realizing how she looks famillar. "You've got those shit journal things too, right?"
Vanessa: She nods back. "I do. I think everyone here has one." She pauses for a second, then adds, "I think I've talked to you a few times on them, right?"
Pietro: "Yeah I was thinking that, too." He shrugs a little bit and squints up at he sun for a minute. "Are we in any classes together?"
Vanessa: She replies quickly. "I think he have English together - though you don't tend to grace us with your presence very often." She smirks at him.
Pietro: Pietro smirks right back, taking a seat by her. "It's a bit too early in the morning for my style of absorbing information."
Vanessa: Vanessa nods and yawns at the same time, "I agree. But, there's nothing like an interesting read to wake you up in the morning!" She gestures to her book.
Pietro: He laughs slightly. "Aside from running or caffeine, maybe."
Vanessa: "Or music" She adds, pointing to her Walkman near where her feet used to be placed. She chuckles, "I think of everything when I come out here."
Pietro: He rolls his eyes a little. "Thinking is even risky here, considering who your classmates are."
Vanessa: "Fortunately, I haven't had enough interaction with anyone to know who could read my thoughts or not." She laughs at what she just said. "Except for one, of course. That would be me."
Pietro: "Same here." He shrugs a little, grinning to her. "Just can't be too careful. So what do you do?"
Vanessa: She hesitates at his asking. "Well...I really have to show you to explain."
Pietro: "Show me?" He raises an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"
Vanessa: She removes the glove on her right hand and touches Pietro's arm. She instantly looks and sounds exactly like him.
Pietro: He freezes up, thining of Mystique and manages a short and sharp nod. "Okay. Got it."
Vanessa: She shrinks back a little, still in Pietro form. "There's more, though..but I won't get into it.."
Pietro: Majorly freaked up by looking at himself and hearing it, just shakes his head. "Whatever, that's enough."
Vanessa: She shudders, having a wave of Pietro's memories come over her. She looks up at him, alarmed, and quickly changes back to Vanessa form.
Pietro: Not meeting Vanessa's eyes, staring the patio floor, his own gaze clouded over. Finally speaks up in a terse sort of tone. "Don't do that."
Vanessa: She quickly stares down at the patio floor. "I'm sorry. I should just stick to telling people about my powers, instead of showing them. It..can lead to sticky situations." Not wanting to say anymore, she remains silent
Pietro: He swallows back the lump in his throat, nodding briefly. "Yeah. That'd.. be a better idea."
Vanessa: She slowly meets his gaze again, forgetting that he doesn't know she'd read his thoughts. "So you have a sister?"
Pietro: He looks up to her sharply, not matching that with his thought right away. Manages a slow nod. "Yeah.. Twin sister."
Vanessa: She gulps. "Red hair, pretty?"
Pietro: His eyes narrow quickly and Pietro gives Vanessa a brief nod.
Vanessa: "Where is she now?"
Pietro: Pietro hesitates, eyeing the girl suspiciously. "I don't know. She.. She didn't want to stay with me anymore so she left."
Vanessa: Not knowing how to explain to Pietro what's happened, she slowly morphs into Wanda in front of him.
Pietro: His expression instantly softening, not even registering that it's Vanessa not Wanda, starts forward to pull his sister close.
Vanessa: Feeling somewhat sorry/caring for Pietro, she lets him hug her-as-Wanda
Pietro: After a minute, Pietro releases the girl, grasping that it's not Wanda and feeling generally embarrassed for doing such a think. Staring at the floor, mutters. "You know where she is?"
Vanessa: She looks up at him, still in Wanda form. "The first and last time I saw her was in New York, about six months ago. She was getting ready to leave, though"
Pietro: He sighs a little, running a hand through his short hair and keeping his eyes averted. "Was she.. did she look all right?"
Vanessa: She nods, "She looked like I do right now." Clearing her throat, she began to talk again, but quietly. "There's something else I didn't tell you. I can read people's thoughts when I..when I touch them. I can even change their psi-patterns to think like them."
Pietro: He glances up briefly to her Wanda form before assessing that she looks healthy enough before glancing away again. Pietro listens closely, no understanding the bit about psi-patterns, but getting the rest of it. "So.. you could read her and my thoughts?"
Vanessa: She swallows, her throat suddenly feeling very dry. "Right."
Pietro: ".. So what did you see?"
Vanessa: She flinches. "I'm don't think I should tell you." She changes back to Vanessa-form, and looks away.
Pietro: Pietro glares up at the girl. "I think I've got some fucking right to know this shit! It my head and it's my sister's thoughts too!"
Vanessa: A little frightened, she bursts, "I didn't ask to have this goddamned power, and I didn't ask to touch your goddamned sister either!" She's practically screaming now.
Pietro: "Then what the fuck were you doing taking her face and what she's thinking?!"
Vanessa: Ignoring his comment, she continues to scream. "You all live inside my head now, did you know that? I have to deal with anyone, everyone I've ever touched whether it was by accident or not! They're all up here - Cable, Domino, Kane, Sabretooth, Magn-" She stops, realising what she's almost said. Shaking, she tries to walk away.
Pietro: He stands quickly and catches her wrist, wrenching her back forcefully and drawling out quietly. "So. You made it a fucking family affair?" His eyes narrow and his grip tightens. "What do you know?"
Vanessa: She's beginning to cry now from both frustration and the painful grip Pietro has on her. "Nothing! I don't know anything!"
Pietro: "How do you not know anything?" He asks, half hystericla and half incredulously. Tearing the girl towards him he steadies her by her shoulder and stares down at her intently. "You have to know something!"
Vanessa: She glares at him angrily. "Sometimes I choose to forget what I've learned."
Pietro: "Then why bring it up?" He hisses angrily.
Vanessa: She realises that he, in fact, is really pissed, and she tries to struggle loose. "I'm sorry I did bring it up," She states, still wriggling to get free, "But I thought you had the right to know that I knew something."
Pietro: Practically pleading now, he gives the girl a quick shake. "I fucking deserve to now what you know! It's not right! It's not fair!"
Vanessa: She's now desperate to get away from Pietro. Seeing someone in the kitchen, but not sure who, she yells, "Get out here, NOW!"
Pietro: "Why can't you just tell me??" He resists the urge to hit the girl, just shaking her again.
Pyro: Pyro comes in with a raised eyebrow. "Hey, babe, what's the deal?" He sees Pietro there, and he frowns instantly. He looks at her. "Is he bothering you?"
Vanessa: She grunts, "You could say that."
Pyro: "Dickwad, let her go." His voice is firm, and he looks at Pietro.
Pietro: He glares to Pyro, talking fast. "She knows Wanda- she has her fucking thoughts- she has my thoughts and Magneto's and she won't. tell. me!"
Pyro: He moves foward, putting ahand on Pietro's shoulder - a firm grip. "You think she obviously will tell you like this?" He tries to pry his hands away from her shoulders, "Let her go, ass."
Vanessa: "It's not my fault that I touched them, Pietro." Quietly, she adds, "This is just what he wanted.."
Pyro: "Let her go, Pietro." He looks at him, voice with an edge.
Pietro: He tries to shake Pyro away. "Let go of me!" he looks sharply to Vanessa, lowering his voice as well. "Who wanted what?"
Vanessa: Damn it! She thinks I did it again!
Vanessa: "Just let me go, please." She's begging now, which is her last resort.
Pietro: He looks quickly to Pyro. "Do you see this!? Do you hear her- she's fucking teasing me!" His grip intensified and he shakes he again. "Just tell me what you know!"
Pyro: He frowns and says, "Pietro, let. her. the. fuck. go." He hisses. He gets out his lighter out of instinct.
Vanessa: She cries out in pain, as he's holding the wrist of her gloved hand really tight now.
Pietro: Frustrated and getting impateint with tactics that go nowhere, Pietro shoves the girl away.
Pyro: Pyro catches her, almost stumbling. He holds her as he looks at Pietro with a frown, a dissaproving frown, then shaking his head. He looks at her, "You all right?" He asks her.
Vanessa: Tears are still streaming down her face, but she nods a yes.
Pyro: He pulls her upright, holding her, "You sure?"
Vanessa: "I just need to get away from here" She doesn't move, though, noticing her book and walkman still on the patio table.
Pietro: Breath coming in with quick, short gasps, hisses to the girl. "You have to tell me."
Vanessa: "Maybe later." She grunts
Pietro: "Wanda! Just tell me about my sister..!" He makes a grab for her again.
Pyro: "She doesn't have to tell you jack squat." His hisses, and talks to her, "If he bothers you again, use your power, all right?" He looks at Pietro with a glare.
Pyro: He pulls her away (still holding her close) as Pietro tries to grab her.
Pietro: "She has no right to do that!" He snaps, incredulously to Pyro. "I don't have a fucking clue about Wanda and she won't tell me anything!"
Pyro: "She can choose what to fucking tell you, dipshit, no need to fucking hurt the lady." He rolls his eyes, pulling her closer. He turns her around to face him, gripping her shoulders.
Pyro: "Are you sure you're all right?"
Vanessa: She nods. "I'll..I'll be fine."
Pietro: "I've been looking for my sister for four years and I'm just susposed to.. to what- pretend that I can just take this brat not telling me??"
Vanessa: "I told you - all I know is that she was in New York, and planning on leaving!"
Pietro: Pietro really wants to just slap her. "Bull shit! There's more to that and you know it!" He tried to stop yelling and attempt another way, yelling getting old. "I'll give you whatever you want, just tell me what you know."
Vanessa: "I. don't. want. anything."
Pyro: He frowns at the both of them, having no idea what they're talking about.
Pietro: Pietro sighs, falling quiet for a bit before muttering. "How did you find her?"
Vanessa: "While I was in hiding we happened to meet. It was luck, really, or something like it."
Pyro: His frown deepens, thinking, Kids.
Pietro: "Six months." He mumurs to himself and runs a hadn through his hair again, looking away. "Did she say where she was going- how was she getting by- did she mention me?"
Vanessa: She thinks hard, then finally answers. "If it'll get you off my back, I'll try and answer. I think she was going West, and by train. She said she had a brother, but she'd left him a while ago. And that's all I know, Pietro."
Pietro: Pietro tilts his head back and manages a weak laugh. "Everything's west from New York.." He sighs a little and manages a nod before saying, simply. "Magneto. How do you know him?"
Pyro: He watches them both speak, wondering what's going on.
Vanessa: Her voice becomes harsh. "I'd rather not talk about it, thank you very much. I'm not quite up for being cross-examined."
Pietro: He needs to know, but knows he'll probably end up getting punched by Pyro if he attempts anything more. With a reluctant nod, he sighs and adds. "And me. What did you get from me?"
Vanessa: She's not going to tell him what she found inside his head, no way. "I got that you're one truly messed up dude."
Pyro: He snorts loudly and looks down.
Pietro: Pietro smirks lightly. "Everyone knows that."
Vanessa: Her voice is still harsh. "I don't doubt it."
Pietro: He shakes his head and turns away, muttering. "Fucking bull shit."
Vanessa: She looks at Pietro, shakes her head, and then turns to Pyro. She gives him a look that clearly says 'Thanks', and then says, "Well, if the interrogation is over I'm out've here."
Pyro: "You better go." He attempts a small smile, before glaring over her at Pietro.
Vanessa: She turns and walks back into the mansion, very unhappy indeed.
Pietro: He just sighs in frustration as the girl leaves, kicking out at one of the patio chairs.
Pyro: He shakes his head at him before entering the house, looking for something to do. He watches to make sure she gets up there, without Pietro having to harrass her anymore.
Pietro: He walks briskly after Pyro, saying pointedly. "None of that was my fault."
Pyro: He looks back at Pietro with a disbeliving look on his face. "Yeah. Right. Please - if you fucking want to lie to someone, not me." He gives him a look, before walkign to the TV room, fully intending on watching tv.
Pietro: Gaping at his retreating figure for a moment, he rushes ahead of Pyro, blocking his path. "What was i supposed to do??"
Pyro: "Just don't mess with her, understand?" His voice couldn't have been anymore cold.
Pietro: He glares right back at him. "I have to find my sister. I had to find out what she knew. That's not 'messing' with anything."
Pyro: "Ever think of looking for her yourself? Use your own fucking powers to your advantage?" Hisses, and rolls his eyes.
Pietro: "What the hell do you think I was doing before I got put here?" He snaps.
Pyro: "Getting yourself thrown in jail." He rolls his eyes, plopping on the couch, not looking interested.
Pietro: Can't stand that Pyro isn't even believing him- because then frankly there isn't anyone left. Hisses venomous curses that he says too fast to be comprehendible and tears out of the room.
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