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tommorrow could make for a really funny joke.

i had the biggest fucking migraine yesterday and yet somehow i still wound up going to stupid fucking class. i don't know. science finals are hard but it's harder when light hurts, ok? ow. the whole thing was fucking pyro's fault who'll do well to NOT PULL THAT SURPRISE SHIT EVER AGAIN. or i'll make fucking posters- POSTERS. and i'm keeping that twenty dollars.

Back to final. If i hadn't shown up (and i usually don't for pre-lunch classes) then i wouldn't have had to take all those crap finals this week anyway. but i did and they were hella hard. I mean, some shit I remember from tutoring but hell even then! school is a joke. especially math- i probably would've gotten more points for that thing if I turned the test in blank. Guess I just took some of those for the hell of it- i mean, i sure as hell didn't expect to PASS any of them! but whatever. If I fail the finals-which i will- then who cares? What are they gonna do? Kick me out? now that'd be a sweet and easy deal.

But hey, if I wanna get out of the school easy I can just put someone in a coma.
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