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Pietro: Pietro, tied of throwing tantrums at not knowing what's going on, burst out of the elevator to the hallway where the medical labs are. Realizing he'd never been now here before, he hesitates, regarding the plain and empty hallways with a scowl.

Bobby: Bobby was dozing off in the chair that he'd pulled up beside John's bed. He hadn't slept much last night, trying to convince himself that it wasn't really his fault like Rogue said and going over and over what Rogue had told him in his head.

Pietro: Peering into rooms as rapidly as he can, nearly misses the roo wher Bobby and Pyro resided in. Jumping slightly, Pietro was quickly at the brunette's bedside, eyes wide. "Holy shit! John!"

Bobby: Bobby jumped in his chair, waking up. He tried to figure out where he was. He looked over at John and everything from the night before came rushing back to him. He looked over at Pietro, "Who're you?"

Pietro: Pietro blinked back down at Bobby, as if seeing the other boy for the first time. Frowning a little, he regarded the company coldly. "Pietro Maximoff- Who the hell are you?"

Bobby: Bobby raised an eyebrow, remembering the hijinks that he and John got into when they were gone. "Bobby Drake."

Pietro: Recognition flooded to Pietro's features at the other boy's name and he made a sound of aknowledgement, turning back to looking at John's prone form. He hesitated slightly before managing a weak laugh. "Loser looks like shit."

Bobby: Bobby shot Pietro a look. "That's not what he needs to hear right now."

Pietro: Pietro fell silent before mumbling. "How am I supposed to know he can hear?"

Bobby: Bobby shook his head and looked at John. "That's what people say...they can hear you..."

Pietro: "Oh." Pietro nodded a little, fishing in his pocket for something. After a moment, he pulls out a modest lighter with the price tag still attached. Hestantly, he sets it on Pyro's chest and addresses the comatose teen, a little louder than normal tone. "I got your lighter like you asked. hm. It's there." He gestures awkwardly at the little metal box on Pyro's chest and glances to Bobby. "That better?"

Bobby: Bobby stifled a laugh and managed to nod. "That'll do," he smiled.

Pietro: Pietro let his eyes fall back to Pyro, face clouding over in confusion. ".. What the fuck happened?"

Bobby: He sighed and looked away from John for a moment. "It was..Rogue. She did this."

Pietro: "She put him in a fucking coma?!" Realizing he was yelling, he quickly dropped his voice, as if not to disturbed John's forced slumber.

Bobby: Bobby nodded slowly, rethinking everything that happened last night. "She's...not herself."

Pietro: Pietro gaped incredulously before hissing out a reply. "That doesn't make me feel any better! What the hell is she doing, putting her goddamn friends in goddamn comas!"

Bobby: He sighed. "She was using his powers to burn through the door..."

Pietro: "And the coma was just a wacky side effect??" He growls quietly and turns back to Pyro, muttering venomously. "Magneto should've killed her when he had the chance."

Bobby: Bobby glared. "Shut up." He might not like Rogue right now, but he definitely didn't want her dead.

Pietro: Pietro shot a glare right back. "You gonna pick between them? What if Pyro doesn't wake up?"

Bobby: "He'll wake up. He has to."

Pietro: Not wanting to doom John, doesn't argue that and sighs, running a hand tthrough his hair and turning back to watching Bobby.

Bobby: Bobby went back to watching John, looking for any sign that he might be waking up. "He has to."

Pietro: Pietro nodded firmly. "He will. He isn't that weak."

Bobby: He chuckled slightly, "I guess that's true."

Pietro: Fidgeting slightly, he tapped his fingers against one of the vital monitors, leaning closer to make sure Pyro really is breathing like the machines say. After a moment, straightens and scowls to Bobby. "Rogue's around, isn't she?"

Bobby: Bobby shrugged. "I have no idea. I've been down here all night."

Pietro: He glowered at nothing in particular, grumbling. "If I fucking see her I'll tear her fucking head off."

Bobby: Bobby sighed. "No, you won't."

Pietro: Pietro laughed shortly. "You gonna stop me?"

Bobby: He raised an eyebrow. "Yes."

Pietro: Not laughing so much at that, Pietro scowls. "John's my friend, too. I have a right to be pissed at her."

Bobby: "Killing her's the easy way out." He surprised himself at making that statement...but that's how he felt.

Pietro: "Who said anything about killing her? I'm just gonna rough her up a little bit." Catching the meaning behind the last comment, he smirks a bit to Bobby. "You can help, if you want."

Bobby: Bobby's laugh was hollow, "I don't want to be near her, thank you."

Pietro: Pietro shrugged a little, letting his gaze fall back to Pyro, muttering. "Suit yourself." He hesitates a bit before angirly repeating himself. "Why would she do that??"

Bobby: "She wanted me to open the door. I didn't think she'd take it as far as she did. I was wrong."

Pietro: "Well, people who aren't dangerous monsters usually don't take things so far as to manipulating and exploiting their friend's health."

Bobby: Bobby decided not to reply to that, and looked back to John.

Pietro: He sighs a little, addressing John now. "And wake up already. Bobby and I don't wanna stand around here forever."

Bobby: Bobby looked to Pietro, "You don't have to stay...I'll let you know when he wakes up or if there's any change at all.."

Pietro: Not sure if he even trusts this guy, glances to Bobby and hesitates before speaking. "'Not like I've got anywhere better to go."

Bobby: Bobby nodded and pointed to a chair in the corner.

Pietro: Shakes his head a little, tapping his foot restlessly against the floor. "I don't sit still well." He flashes a brief grin.

Bobby: He raised an eyebrow, "Then how are you going to wait around for him to wake up?"

Pietro: Faced with that dillema, Pietro makes a little face. ".. Shit."

Bobby: Bobby smiled. "Well, can you do me a favor?"

Pietro: A little suspicious. "What's the favor?"

Bobby: "Could you get me a sandwich or something? I've been here since last night."

Pietro: "Huh? Sure. What kind of sandwich?"

Bobby: "Just whatever. It doesn't matter to me. And thanks."

Pietro: He nods a little and grins to him. "Sure." He rushes out of the room for the kitchen.

Bobby: Bobby settled back into his chair and even though Pietro was quick with the sandwich, he managed to fall asleep in the amount of time Pietro was gone.
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