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nananna school show [20 Aug 2003|10:42pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Woo. Class.

I'm not really a big school fan, honestly. or a learning fan. or a teacher fan. or a people fan in general really. it's all boring, honestly, and there's no time so. you know how it works out. But Wanda is clearly the crazy twin wo enjoys this sort of shit, so i figure I'll tag along to a few of her classes. I don't think I've got as many with her as I thought to begin with, so i probably just won't get up in time for those sister-free classes. Speaking of other sisters, lovely Lorna is my new teacher or some class or another, i wasn't paying attention to that. More or less to her screwups. I'm sure you'll make a great teacher, Lorna. I'm just not gonna let you think i think it, yeah?

I'm really not expecting to make much sense. We ran out of the gross sugar-free bran cereal the other day, so I had lucky charms for breakfast and I'm actually not supposed to have sugar but I can't hold off without eating before lunch so yeah. makes classes loads longer but Wanda gets it so it's cool, just long.

i need to get out. Go places. Though not Vermont. Or to.. whatever that club was called because gross Pyro, honestly. Really fucking not funny and if you think i forgot that and let it die you are very mistaken. But I don't want to go and stay gone. Not because i like this place because christ, losers. Me?? Like school? Never ever ever. I'll only leave unless my two favorite girls come along with me. And one of them is awful attached to the school and the other to.. ew. Other professors. Ew ewew. I have to burn out my brain for THINKING that

Off to run laps!

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like i'm gonna give this a cliched title [05 Aug 2003|06:45pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Hello, what's this? Online journal? I don't quite remember having one but i bet i was pretty crap at keeping it, haha. doesn't look like the flamer is very good at keeping is, but he's not good at much, sooo.. He better get better at taking me out of this place, because the last time we did shit was when we went SHOPPING with GIRLS. and not even chicks, girls, my sisters. And he looked at wanda in a swimsuit more than i EVER want him to look, understand??

Had lunch with Wanda today, which was nice aside from fighting with her every five minutes but it's good twin fights? I think i should probably do something with lorna, since she's my sister too and we don't hang out as much. But I didn't live with her all b.m, so that may explain it. Uh. okay, that was getting a little more personal that pietro likes to be. Sorry, kiddies, no more insight to my life OR THE LIFE OF MY SISTERS! I hear there hasn't been any trouble yet- but if i catch wind of anything ANYTHING you'll wish i kill you, all right??

ps; What's this about that Summers guy being gone? Like, dead?

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i've never had to sit still for so fucking loong [05 Jul 2003|08:57am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

all right, straight off that movie was a load of crap. I'd never seen the first one as I'm not a movie person, if you catch my idea. they're all too long and there's always these super annoying long bits where all they do is talk- or the whole movie is talking! Anyway, so The Matrix Remade or whatever is just a super long talking movie with a killer car chase and then a hell long load of talking too. i think i would've rather been dead then have to sit through that stupid thing. but, hey. Wanda seemed to like it, Pyro too, but I think they might've just liked the main guy.

Signing up for classes is kinda coo, because I'm sorta picking everything at random and going with it. a bit of fate a bit of i'm too bothered to actually make the intelligent decision.. Shit, I didn't want to take music. whatever. i don't show up much anyway.

Hey, Wanda, when was the last movie we saw in the theater together? Cause I think that was the last one I saw before this Matrix bullshit?

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Attn; EVERYONE [24 Jun 2003|05:43pm]
[ mood | determined ]





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Log [15 Jun 2003|09:14pm]
Copycat, Quicksilver and Pyro log.Collapse )
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tommorrow could make for a really funny joke. [14 Jun 2003|03:43pm]
[ mood | sore ]

i had the biggest fucking migraine yesterday and yet somehow i still wound up going to stupid fucking class. i don't know. science finals are hard but it's harder when light hurts, ok? ow. the whole thing was fucking pyro's fault who'll do well to NOT PULL THAT SURPRISE SHIT EVER AGAIN. or i'll make fucking posters- POSTERS. and i'm keeping that twenty dollars.

Back to final. If i hadn't shown up (and i usually don't for pre-lunch classes) then i wouldn't have had to take all those crap finals this week anyway. but i did and they were hella hard. I mean, some shit I remember from tutoring but hell even then! school is a joke. especially math- i probably would've gotten more points for that thing if I turned the test in blank. Guess I just took some of those for the hell of it- i mean, i sure as hell didn't expect to PASS any of them! but whatever. If I fail the finals-which i will- then who cares? What are they gonna do? Kick me out? now that'd be a sweet and easy deal.

But hey, if I wanna get out of the school easy I can just put someone in a coma.

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not happy birthday to pietro [31 May 2003|01:14pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

yeah. So. Whatever, right? John's still in a fucking coma, Rogue's still fucking elsewhere and everything is fucking angsty and overly dramatic. And people wonder why I hate school.

Kitty and Jubilee tracked me down on the lawn and we had a chat- since they wanted to hear about what put Pyro in that coma. Glad to be of use for gossip, girlies. They got all pissy and stormed off, but i've never been a romantic guy so I couldn't a shit what little girls think of me. Haven't care about that for years now. er. four years exactly, maybe.

Speaking of which, my birthday's tomorrow.

Wanda's birthday, too, but I'm not sending her a fucking card or that shit, yeah? Whatever. it's not like i have an address anyway so it doesn't matter what i want to say. or the stuff i didn't say or the stuff i had said and now i'd never say since i didn't know she'd take off or maybe the things i didn't say which was why she ran off in the first place and if i had said them she might still be here. or there. But then we'd be there but then there'd be a we. right? Tomorrow is going to blow. majorly.

fuck birthdays, fuck sisters and fuck you.

Back to watching over the sleeping beauty- though beast is more like it! haha)

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Log [28 May 2003|09:25pm]
Bobby and Pietro talk over Pyro's comatose state.Collapse )
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too soon for another update [23 May 2003|07:38pm]
[ mood | confused ]

does anyone know where i can get another copy of a class schduel? I threw my first one out after i first got here and i had a total shit time trying to find my classes for today. Kinda don't feel like doing that again monday, you know? but whatever. This is a fucking school, might as well get some shit out of it. I mean, i'm supposed to learn here.

So i guess if I wanted to learn anything it'd be how to figure out to not crash so fucking randomly and all. i mean, it gives me about a five minute warning and then BAM sleepytime for the Pietro. I don't know how to fix that though. So i'd just want to learn that. And maybe why the hell everyone on here wants to talk about personal shit. i don't think this journal shit is as private as we all think and i'd rather talk than type. maybe i could learn to type better, mostly cause my hands move a hell of alot faster than i've got words to write so I end up tripping over the letters and junk. Not fun- but I guess it's not like i can learn better or shit you know? you don't learn how to take things slow after you've been doing them fast for shit long years and junk.

So then that's two things i want to learn. and maybe algebra. wait. scratch that, getting too close to the geeks and pussies frame of mind, nevermind. i don't know. I keep thinking I can do this class shit but there are too many fucking losers in my class, you know? but now I can't just take off, can i? whatever. I'll still try and go next week again too. maybe.

gonna wander. later.

oh, and ps; the last post wasn't about pyroismyname. self-absorbed asshole.

.. And why does my room smell like shit? is that sulfur?

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making things awkward [22 May 2003|01:49pm]
[ mood | fucked over ]

you know that part in the movies where that jerky guy realizes he's done all this stuff throughout the movie to fuck himself over and before that point the audience KNOWS he's going to get fucked over but they can't wait to see when he finds out for himself, and at that moment the jerky guy is like "THIS IS TERRIBLE!!" and the audience is like "NO, THIS IS GREAT!!"

Well yeah.

on another note, I think there's a class around here I'm supposed to take. so if you need me, i'll either be there or someplace else. yeah.

[edit 9:28pm] Yep. This is terrible.

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vermont has some shit malls, too [18 May 2003|07:13pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Ah! Home sweet place-that-isnt-really-home-but-when-you-sorta-wander-aimlessly-every-place-is-home! Vermont was okay. nice leaves and junk. Pyro was a major ass the whole trip, but i guess that's probably something expected. he had the brilliant idea of coming back here even though I would've stayed in that weird little state as long as i wanted to. obviously he wasn't as serious about running away as i THOUGHT he was when i left. But whatever. Food's better here anyways.

pyro was on a goddamned tirade the entire drive back here about some resurrecting chick. Doesn't mean anything to me, since i guess i didn't meet her all pre-mortem. apparently it has to do with my dad and canada and a beaver dam or shit, but i kinda stopped listening and turned up the radio. But whatever. if your power is to come back from the dead, then yay for you and bully for the rest of us, huh, Ms. Gray?

Do i have a roommate? there's all this shit laying around here and a really funny looking pair of pants under my bed. I think i'm rooming with a clown or something. whatever, i'm gonna get something to eat- all this second coming and angst shit on these geek things is fucking annoying.

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geekiest place that ever geeked. [13 May 2003|09:33pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

good morning geeks! Actually, it's not really morning but most of you are geeks! i just woke up and now my neck if stiff for sleeping in that crappy little slowass car, you know? anyway, Pyro started taking off because of some dumb teenaged angst reasons and school is shit boring so I took off after him. I think we're going to some really stupid kind of state but he's being a jerk about driving so it's not like i've got a choice unless i wanna get out and run. Would be faster though! haha! anyway, I'm sure you're all VERY upset as now who will you starte are point at? I don't know when we'll be back, not in a hurry cause learnig is for pussies. the professor hasn't said anything has he? like, calling in forces that uh don't need to get invovled like maybe uhm the police?

ughh now he's whining about going to the mall, i haven't even eaten yet. we're at the dorkiest place in the world and he's here to play on the computer rather than eat. whatever, apperantly he's too cheap to buy me some food so i'll have to starve and sadjidlskj let go of teh keyboard pyro i;m still writing!! ADOIK DAMNIT SFJDS FINE BYE I GUESS

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this shit is for geeks anyway [11 May 2003|02:19pm]
[ mood | restless ]

I'm not going to give you all an intro because frankly i don't have the time and you all know the rumors anyway, dontcha? whatever, if you want me to fucking clarify them then i guess i might as well. So yeah. i'm Magneto's kid- he's got more than one you know, so i'm not a freak. well, not anymore than the rest of you haha. Anyway, now you have my permission to stare when i walk down the halls. though you do it anyway-if you can even catch me! So whatever, i'm just here for a deal with the Big Wheels. apperantly i have to learn how to "harness my reckless use of my abilities" or some shit. Right. So, if any of you can catch me you can 'harness' whatever the fuck you like, okay? but i don't know how long I can take just sitting around in these stupid classes with stupid people when everything is stupid and SO SLOW AND BORING. yeah you. you're slow and boring. Deal with it cause i don't have the time.

I'm really done with the hunk of slow shit thing. can't Big Wheels get something fast if we have to keep these? whatever, no time to care. gone!

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