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nananna school show

Woo. Class.

I'm not really a big school fan, honestly. or a learning fan. or a teacher fan. or a people fan in general really. it's all boring, honestly, and there's no time so. you know how it works out. But Wanda is clearly the crazy twin wo enjoys this sort of shit, so i figure I'll tag along to a few of her classes. I don't think I've got as many with her as I thought to begin with, so i probably just won't get up in time for those sister-free classes. Speaking of other sisters, lovely Lorna is my new teacher or some class or another, i wasn't paying attention to that. More or less to her screwups. I'm sure you'll make a great teacher, Lorna. I'm just not gonna let you think i think it, yeah?

I'm really not expecting to make much sense. We ran out of the gross sugar-free bran cereal the other day, so I had lucky charms for breakfast and I'm actually not supposed to have sugar but I can't hold off without eating before lunch so yeah. makes classes loads longer but Wanda gets it so it's cool, just long.

i need to get out. Go places. Though not Vermont. Or to.. whatever that club was called because gross Pyro, honestly. Really fucking not funny and if you think i forgot that and let it die you are very mistaken. But I don't want to go and stay gone. Not because i like this place because christ, losers. Me?? Like school? Never ever ever. I'll only leave unless my two favorite girls come along with me. And one of them is awful attached to the school and the other to.. ew. Other professors. Ew ewew. I have to burn out my brain for THINKING that

Off to run laps!
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