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like i'm gonna give this a cliched title

Hello, what's this? Online journal? I don't quite remember having one but i bet i was pretty crap at keeping it, haha. doesn't look like the flamer is very good at keeping is, but he's not good at much, sooo.. He better get better at taking me out of this place, because the last time we did shit was when we went SHOPPING with GIRLS. and not even chicks, girls, my sisters. And he looked at wanda in a swimsuit more than i EVER want him to look, understand??

Had lunch with Wanda today, which was nice aside from fighting with her every five minutes but it's good twin fights? I think i should probably do something with lorna, since she's my sister too and we don't hang out as much. But I didn't live with her all b.m, so that may explain it. Uh. okay, that was getting a little more personal that pietro likes to be. Sorry, kiddies, no more insight to my life OR THE LIFE OF MY SISTERS! I hear there hasn't been any trouble yet- but if i catch wind of anything ANYTHING you'll wish i kill you, all right??

ps; What's this about that Summers guy being gone? Like, dead?
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