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too soon for another update

does anyone know where i can get another copy of a class schduel? I threw my first one out after i first got here and i had a total shit time trying to find my classes for today. Kinda don't feel like doing that again monday, you know? but whatever. This is a fucking school, might as well get some shit out of it. I mean, i'm supposed to learn here.

So i guess if I wanted to learn anything it'd be how to figure out to not crash so fucking randomly and all. i mean, it gives me about a five minute warning and then BAM sleepytime for the Pietro. I don't know how to fix that though. So i'd just want to learn that. And maybe why the hell everyone on here wants to talk about personal shit. i don't think this journal shit is as private as we all think and i'd rather talk than type. maybe i could learn to type better, mostly cause my hands move a hell of alot faster than i've got words to write so I end up tripping over the letters and junk. Not fun- but I guess it's not like i can learn better or shit you know? you don't learn how to take things slow after you've been doing them fast for shit long years and junk.

So then that's two things i want to learn. and maybe algebra. wait. scratch that, getting too close to the geeks and pussies frame of mind, nevermind. i don't know. I keep thinking I can do this class shit but there are too many fucking losers in my class, you know? but now I can't just take off, can i? whatever. I'll still try and go next week again too. maybe.

gonna wander. later.

oh, and ps; the last post wasn't about pyroismyname. self-absorbed asshole.

.. And why does my room smell like shit? is that sulfur?
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